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Services and FAQ

Inside the grooming truck looking back towards the bath tub


Service Details

You are paying for specialized service and private grooming.  Your pet receives individualized attention and high quality products.  The service is performed in a much calmer environment than a traditional grooming shop, resulting in less stress to your pet.  Your pet is not separated from your home all day and they will not spend hours in a cage. The spa visit will average about 1-2 hours. After your first appointment, you are not required to be home. 

Service Area

We serve aproximately a 10 mile radius of our base location of Westchester Dr and Lexington Ave in High Point.  



First time visits or pets not groomed on a regular basis will be charged an hourly rate of $60/hr  

Small pets on a 5 week schedule:   $65.00 and up- e.g. Yorkies, Shih Tzu, Schnauzers, Westies, Bichon,  Miniature  Poodle (under 20lbs)

Medium Pets on a 5 week schedule:   $75.00 and up -e.g. Cocker Spaniels, Shelties, Border Collies etc  (21-50lbs)

 Large Pets on a 5 week schedule:   $95.00 and up -e.g. Golden Retrievers, Labs, Huskies , etc (50lbs +)

*Prices are an estimate.  Actual price is determined by breed, size and temperament of pet, length, thickness and condition of pet's coat.  Please call to discuss your pet's individual spa visit.  Your pet's comfort is our top priority and we strive to make sure that grooming is a positive experience.  Therefore, we will not attempt to de-matt a severely matted animal.  It is simply painful and inhumane. After discussing with the owner, the pet will be given a "do-over" cut down.  



No Show:

In the event we arrive for a confirmed, scheduled appointment and find no-one there, an invoice for 50% of the visit will be left at your door.  Next appointment scheduled must be paid in advance.


I understand that unforeseen emergencies may arise.  However, please give at least a 24 hour cancellation notice.   If a cancellation is not made 24 hours in advance, a fee of 50% of the grooming will be invoiced. 


All pets must be current of rabies vaccination and must be on monthly flea preventative.  Due to the small confines of my spa, I am unable to accept any animal that has a flea infestation.   I reserve the right to refuse service to vicious or aggressive pets for the benefit of all involved.  


Checks and cash are accepted.  A $25 service fee will be added to all returned checks. 




Q: Why does mobile grooming cost more than shop grooming?

A: Mobile grooming offers so many advantages to you and your pup, but it does cost a bit more than getting your dog groomed in a traditional shop. Since mobile grooming offers personalized, one-on-one service, we can only work on one dog at a time and service a limited number of dogs in one day. Mobile grooming is not a high-volume business, rather it is a premium service designed to reduce the stress of grooming on your dog and to be a convenience and time-saver for you. Please refer to our Why Mobile page to see just a few of the many benefits of mobile grooming.

Q: Why can’t you give me an exact price when I first contact you for an appointment?

A: Your first appointment is based on an hourly rate. Once we arrive at your appointment, we can see things like the condition and length of your dog’s coat and the dog’s behavior to see if there are any factors that may make the grooming appointment take a bit longer than usual, and therefore cost a bit more. Please refer to our Pricing and Services page for more information on our pricing structure.

Q: Can I be in the truck with you when you groom my dog?

A: In our experience, this is usually not a good idea. You are your dog’s favorite person, so when you are present during grooming, your dog will be focused on you and not on sitting still for or cooperating with the service. There may be some occasions where the dog’s owner will be called upon to help calm or hold the dog during certain parts of the service, but generally the grooming should be a one-on-one experience between the dog and the groomer.

Q: How long will the groom take?

A: This can really vary, on averange most grooms take around an hour and half. Though we work efficiently, we do not rush.

Q: Do you need to hook-up to my electricity or water?

A: Nope! Our truck is fully self-contained.  It is climate controlled, meaning heat and aircondition, hot and cold water and carries 100 gallons of fresh water. 

Q: Do I need to be home for my pet's appointment?

A: For the first visit, yes you will need to be home so we can all meet and make sure your pet is comfortable.  Going forward, you do not need to be home. In fact, many of our clients are not home. 

Q: Do you come to my area?

A: We provide service to a 10 mile radius from our base location at the interseciont of Westchester and Lexington Ave.  We do have several clients that live outside of our service area and they opt to bring their pets to our base location.   We are happy to help accomodate your needs.